Swiss National Bank releases new 10-franc note

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will begin issuing the new 10-franc note on 18 October 2017. It is the third of six denominations in the new banknote series to be released.

The inspiration behind the new banknote series is ‘The many facets of Switzerland’. Each denomination depicts a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a range of elements. The 10-franc note focuses on Switzerland’s organisational talent – expressed by time, the note’s key motif. The core design elements in the new series, the hand and the globe, appear on this, and every other, denomination.

As with the banknotes currently in circulation, the ninth series consists of six denominations; the colour scheme, too, remains the same. Accordingly, the main colour of the new 10-franc note is yellow.

The next denomination to be issued will be the 200-franc note, and will enter circulation in Autumn 2018; the 1000-franc and 100-franc notes will enter circulation in 2019.

Source: SNB press release of 11 October 2017