National Bank of Kazakhstan launches first banknote on Landqart’s Durasafe®

The National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK) put into circulation on December 1st, 2015, a new high-denomination banknote with a face value of 20,000 Tenge, said to be the most advanced and secure banknote of the current family of Tenge banknotes, and indeed one of the most secure in the world. Landqart AG would like to congratulate the NBK on continuing its practice of staying at the forefront of banknote technology through the pioneering use of new technologies, demonstrated by this new note.

The 20,000 Tenge banknote is the first to be printed on Landqart’s Durasafe® (paper-polymer-paper) composite substrate to enter into regular circulation. Durasafe’s composite structure allows the incorporation of crystal-clear see-through windows anywhere on the note, and to secure traditional features such as the security thread and watermark behind clear polymer. These features are a very powerful aid to the public’s recognition of the banknote, dramatically increase the difficulty of counterfeiting the note, and help to protect the features from deterioration while in circulation.