Globes and Hands - articles about the new Swiss Franc banknotes

An interview with Mr Beat Grossenbacher of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) explains why the SNB introduced a new family of banknotes, and how they went about implementing this most complex of projects; meanwhile Dr Dieter Sauter of Orell Fussli relates the development steps needed to create, and bring together, all the elements that constitute the most advanced banknote in the world.

Antonio Riccio from Landqart explains how Durasafe opens up new possibilities for security and design. To round off the design aspect of the project, Manuela Pfrunder, Head of Gestaltung Manuela Pfrunder GmbH, relates how she and her team found a way to showcase to the world the essential characteristics of Switzerland, its people, and culture, in the new series of Swiss Franc banknotes.

The articles are reproduced below with permission from Water Mark Ltd.

Watermark – Globes and Hands on the new Swiss Banknote