Diavy DMB 901

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Landqart and Diavy have worked together though the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, taking the necessary precautions, to complete the installation and commissioning of a new, state of the art Diavy DMB 901 printing and foiling line in Landqart’s facilities in South East Switzerland.

This Diavy technology, proven and in use at a number of international banknote substrate producers, ensures Landqart can apply the latest optically diffractive and holographic security features on cotton banknotes, and can create a whole new range of design possibilities and feature combinations with its Durasafe® substrate.

Unique to Landqart’s Durasafe composite substrate, foils can be applied to the inside of the substrate, where they are encapsulated by the polymer, like a security thread. The various features on the foil can be shown in sympathetically shaped windows, all the while ensuring the foil is protected from the elements for enhanced longevity in circulation and greater security.
Foils are much thinner than security threads, allowing for a much tighter integration with the design of the #banknotes; the reduced bulk greatly improves ream shape, allowing for easier transport, storage, and handling of the paper in the printworks.

Impressions of the new Diavy DMB 901